the Kohler Arts Center

I drove a little over an hour this morning down to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI. Interestingly enough, it’s one of the only major art centers in Wisconsin that I haven’t ever visited. I was more than impressed with the level of professionalism and importance of works displayed. This is definitely my new favorite place to be.

Their main exhibition right now is Messages & Magic: 100 Years of Collage and Assemblage in American Art. Quite the criteria, I thought, especially as I read from the newsletter that the show “is an unprecedented exhibition that traces American popular culture through a century of collage and assemblage.” But I was pleasantly surprised to see works by the likes of:

Peter Sarkisian and this mixed media/video work on a car door
Ray Yoshida, an icon of the Chicago art scene
Lenore Tawney, a very influential textile/collage artist & sculptor
Henry Darger
and many more amazing artists…

There was even a display of Ray Johnson works and an explanation of Mail Art, something near and dear to my heart since I am also involved in this movement.

That was only one of about five exhibits at the Kohler. Another notable exhibition is Wisconsin artist kathryn e martin’s installation Flotant. It is a breathtaking experience that you have to witness. The few pictures available don’t cut it.

The amount of activities available to participate in here are enormous. Classes, performance art, films, residencies, and a myriad of projects. By the time I was ready to leave, I was also ready to write out a check and support this unique art center so close to my home! But even if you don’t have much money, it’s great, because admission is free.

All in all a great experience and I would highly recommend visiting! The collage show runs until January 25, 2009.


2 responses to “the Kohler Arts Center

  1. Persimmons Gal

    I love that place. The current exhibit is amazing!

  2. sarahelizabeth

    Yes!! Next time I go down there, I will stop by Persimmons :)

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