50/50/50 Artist: Dalia Haber

Dalia Haber’s Structures


Red, 83″ x 56″ x 5″, Welded Steel, Enamel Paint, Canvas, Vinyl, Terry Cloth, Elastic, Thread

red-detailRed detail

Dalia will be representing New York and the Mixed Media category for the 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Medium exhibition in October.  We are still accepting submissions, click here for guidelines.

“As a child, my family worked in the garment district in Buenos Aires. Growing up among fabric and the making of clothing greatly influenced my work. In my work, I create metal structures that are part organic and part geometric with fabrics and vinyls sewn onto the metal. The combination of these materials and forms synthesizes the organic with the man made. I like the tension between these two concepts as well as their power to co-exist.”

Click here to view Dalia’s great website


2 responses to “50/50/50 Artist: Dalia Haber

  1. Do you know if this exhibition will be coming over to the UK at all please?

  2. No, it will only be here at the gallery in Algoma, Wisconsin. Sorry!

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