Renovation update!

earlymarch-09-038We are still in the “gutting” stage, and then the electrician and plumber will be working over the next couple weeks. You can see our general contractor (aka my dad, a retired general contractor) working here.

It will go quicker after this is all done! Believe it or not, we had a lot to do just to get up to this point. There used to be an awful drop ceiling in this area, and all that lathe and plaster had to go!

earlymarch-09-043We are using reclaimed lumber and I pulled the nails out of ALL of these boards. It killed my wrists, but at least we are earth-friendly and saving resources!

These will make some striking “before” pictures, don’t you think? I am very happy that we are giving this old building new life. The building was built in 1909, so it is celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year. What better way than getting a complete makeover!

I have a Flickr set devoted to our renovations, so if you are curious, you can see more photos here, and I will be uploading more as we progress!


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