50/50/50: Jeff Badger

Jeff Badger will be representing Maine and the Electronic/Mixed Media medium in our upcoming 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums show. He has an amazing website where you can see his wide range of work including painting, sculpture, and even performance!

Jeff Badger, Surveillance Sandwich (Ham and Cheese), 2006
mixed media, electronics, monitor, 9″ X 12″ X 10″

The sandwich is fitted with a camera in the olive. A motion sensor
triggers the camera to pan back and forth and flash the red LED
light. The image feeds to a nearby security monitor.
Click here to read the letter sent to the Dept. of Homeland Security
offering Surveillance Sandwich technology to the US military.


4 responses to “50/50/50: Jeff Badger

  1. ROFLOL! that is just hilarious, I love it.

  2. Isn’t it great!!? The letter is the icing on the cake. Talk about an original concept!

  3. It is very inspiring and reminding me to think of the quality of what I am doing.
    Hope the gallery is coming along, quite a job you got there.

  4. The gallery is coming along quite well. We are building some walls and the electrician and plumber are about halfway done. Things are looking good!

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