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507 Fourth Street
(Hwy 42, just south of Steele Street)
Algoma, Wisconsin 54201 USA

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Phone: (920) 487-8060
Email: sarah@theeclipsegallery.com

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The Eclipse Gallery specializes in contemporary art and handmade design. Our goal is to bring more cutting edge contemporary art to the area, and to support working artists on a local, national, and international level. Everything displayed in The Eclipse Gallery is handmade by real people and nothing is made on an assembly line.

We can support artists and craftspeople who create unique objects with integrity, enthusiasm, and creativity. By making this effort, we are actively supporting culture and our communities. The Eclipse Gallery also contributes to several not-for-profit arts organizations, including ArtBeet, Arts Wisconsin, Americans for the Arts, Independent Curators International, and others.

We believe that buying handmade art and goods is better than paying exorbitant amounts of money for meaningless, mass-produced, brand name, low-quality, disposable products!
We also do our best to help the environment by focusing on items made of recycled and/or natural materials, and keeping our business practices as sustainable as possible.



About the Curator: Sarah Hemm

Sarah is an artist, curator, and mother. She currently works with found objects, fiber elements, environments, and photography in her personal artwork. Sarah enjoys writing about art, design, and curating–and her current writing project is the future Art Nowhere Magazine.  Sarah was educated at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Fine Art with an emphasis in Gallery/Museum Practices and a minor in Arts Management.

Other projects include Visual Influence, an art blog where Sarah discusses her own work, along with influences and issues in the contemporary art world today.

My goal is to bridge the gap between the fine art, craft, and design worlds, and therefore art and life. I aim to show only the highest quality contemporary art and handmade design, from local, national, and international artists. I am interested in the role of the contemporary curator in today’s art context and what it means to be both an artist and a curator. I also feel that location should be a non-issue with artists and galleries and that the work in The Eclipse Gallery is competitive on an international level. Of most importance to me is breaking down the barriers, stereotypes, and preconceived notions about art, artists, galleries, and curators–creating an environment that is more conductive to what is actually important–the artwork.

Many artists will tell you they see the world differently, and they want to share that vision with the rest of the world. That is my goal as well. People are influenced by their environments tremendously. What you see is what you experience. The simple pleasures of life make it all worth it. Whether you are interested in building a contemporary art collection, or you simply want to eat your dinner on one-of-a-kind, handcrafted plates, we want to help you make your life more interesting by creating your unique environment. And you can feel good when you purchase from The Eclipse Gallery, because you are helping independent artists, designers, and craftspeople live the life they’ve worked so hard for and that their talent deserves.

–Sarah Hemm

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