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New Dates, some Changes?

As I’m in the midst of the renovations and thinking about the exhibitions for this year, I’ve had second thoughts about the length that I’ve scheduled each show. As it is now, I have Personality planned for end of May through October, and the 50/50/50 show for October-March 2010, but I am thinking that is way too long. I may revise it to have the Personality show run from the end of May through September and the 50/50/50 show from September to January 2010. Since the 50 show will be such a huge undertaking, and since Wisconsin is generally a lot busier during the nicer weather months, I think more people would come out to see the 50 show if started in September. If anybody has any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment here or e-mail me. I don’t think it would be a huge issue to switch it now, while things are still in the planning stages.

New Flickr Group

I’ve been a little obsessed with Flickr lately. Probably because I just got a new camera. It’s only a point-and-shoot, but I love it so much–a Nikon P80. So I’ve been browsing through Flickr a bunch (especially since I’ve been sitting in the hospital for the last week with Brandon and have an exorbinant amount of free time). I have said it before, and I’ll say it again–I can’t believe the amount of talented artists out there in the world. Aren’t we lucky to live in a world where we have the Internet and are able to discover so much great art everyday!!?

So I have set up a Flickr group for The Eclipse Gallery. This group is for artists, makers, and designers who:

1. Have exhibited at The Eclipse Gallery
2. Who are going to exhibit at The Eclipse Gallery
3. Who want to exhibit at The Eclipse Gallery

For more details, visit this link. As always, any questions/comments, just e-mail.

Exhibition Opportunity

I am very excited to announce an upcoming show:

50 States, 50 Artists, 50 Mediums
One artist or designer from each state in the USA will represent a different medium, bridging the gap between the traditional fine art world and other arts disciplines, including craft, design, architecture, performance art, etc. I am interested in these intersections and how they translate into everyday life. This show will not only represent the importance of all art disciplines, but will also stress the importance of all working artists regardless of their location.

Call For Artists:

Open to all professional artists living or working in the United States. Open to any and all mediums in the art, craft, and design communities. See below for examples of accepted mediums.
How to submit: Send a short biography (including your address & e-mail), artist statement, a few words about why you want to be in this show, 10-20 images & information (including medium, dimensions, & price), and any links to your work on line to Important: You must write “Submission for 50 Show” in the subject line of the e-mail or I will think it is spam. Attachments are fine. E-mail submissions are preferred.
Deadline for submissions: April 15, 2009. Show is scheduled for October 16, 2009 – March 8, 2010 at
The Eclipse Gallery, 507 Fourth Street (Hwy 42), Algoma, Wisconsin, 54201.
Mediums accepted, but not limited to: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Knitting, Jewelry, Metals, Found Object, Glass, Plastic, Photography, Crochet, Paper, Quilting, Felt, Wearables, Architecture (such as models, plans, photos), Graphic Design, Film/Time Based, Installation, Furniture, Baskets, Typography, Performance, Music, Spoken-Word, Text, Artist Books, Zines, Mail Art, Encaustic, Watercolor, Sewing, Mosaic, Graffiti, Illustration, Altered Book, Printmaking, Silk Screen, Product Design, Wallpaper, Textiles, Etc.
Any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Thanks :)

Drawing Free

Drawing Free: No Cost, No Rules

I’ve been trying to think of how I can get the local community involved with The Eclipse Gallery and how I could give back–especially to children. We’re all aware that schools struggle to fund their art programs, and in my opinion there is not nearly enough emphasis put on art education in public schools. So one of the first things I will do when the gallery opens is host a Drawing Free session every Friday night. Not just for children, but for people of all ages!
Drawing Free sessions will be based on the notion of concept drawing, which is basically drawing without rules. Remember how fun it was to draw when you were a child, before you had any preconceived ideas about art? This is a fundamental element to creativity (Picasso, Matisse, and Paul Klee knew this.) Draw whatever you please, however you please, and you will invigorate your creative flow in all areas of your life. Concept drawing allows people to create ideas. It is a starting point for original, intriguing art and design. So many artists forget the importance of sketching in this way. I feel very strongly that it is much more important to draw conceptually than to draw realistically. Many famous artists and designers begin monmuental projects with a concept drawing. Frank Gehry for example.
Drawing Free will be just that–Free. No cost at all. The Eclipse Gallery will provide a variety of paper and drawing utensils. So for those of you in the area, I hope to see you there next summer! I can’t wait!


Welcome to The Eclipse Gallery blog. Many of you know me from The Emergence Project and Visual Influence. I am very happy to be opening a bricks-and-mortar gallery in beautiful Algoma, Wisconsin (just south of Door County). We have just bought a building and are in the process of moving, then a lot of renovations! Our goal is to have the gallery open by Summer 2009.

I will be posting some pictures of what the building looks like now, just so that we can have those great before and after pictures, and so everyone can appreciate the amount of work we are going to be doing to this place! But I just love the idea of taking an old run-down building (it was built in 1909) and giving it a fab makeover, and new life. Especially since it will be the building’s 100th birthday!

I have a temporary website up, which you can view here. If you are an artist that is interested in showing your work with us, click here. Coming soon:

I am also looking for a graphic designer for my logo. E-mail me if you know someone. Also to sign up for our quarterly newsletters, use the sign up form on the right.

Thanks, Sarah Elizabeth