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50/50/50: Christine Tarantino

Christine Tarantino will be representing Massachusetts and the Artist Book medium!

Copy 1/2 of Artist Book created in 2008-2009 by Christine Tarantino and Keith Buchholz.
Original sent to Fiero del Libero, Turin Italy

La Vita e Semplice, 2008, artist book created entirely from found/discarded materials, for Utopia Library, project of Vittore Baroni, ITALIA.

Artist Book, accordion fold, birch bark covers with feather and raffia tie, ink jet printed, 3 x 3 inches

Make sure to visit Christine’s website. She is also into Mail Art and also has a project where artists are invited to send a photograph of themselves working in their studio.

I am still accepting submission for the 50/50/50 show, and will most likely be extending the original deadline!
Click here for more details. Thanks!

Book Report: Words of Wisdom

words of wisdom


I just wrote a summary of Words of Wisdom: A Curator’s Vade Mecum, which is a book published by Independent Curators International. You can read it here. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read about curating contemporary art exhibitions. Whether you are a curator, an artist, or lover of contemporary art, you would find this book very interesting.

There is…much that is said about the fact that there are no set-in-stone rules about curating. This is a good thing. As [curators] Jana Sevcikova and Jiri Sevcik state, “Always do only what interests you and what you believe in. Curating is like any other art form: it only serves to express your relationship to the world. No objective rules apply: there is not even a stable hierarchy of values to guide you. The meaning of images is never anchored by any kind of objective truth. You must not fall for the illusion of such truths, and instead propose questions challenging your own assumptions and especially the norms of the cultural establishment…This is the only way you can develop new relationships and provoke lively conflicts for which there exists no common denominator.”

Read the whole article

Buy the book

50/50/50: Jeff Badger

Jeff Badger will be representing Maine and the Electronic/Mixed Media medium in our upcoming 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums show. He has an amazing website where you can see his wide range of work including painting, sculpture, and even performance!

Jeff Badger, Surveillance Sandwich (Ham and Cheese), 2006
mixed media, electronics, monitor, 9″ X 12″ X 10″

The sandwich is fitted with a camera in the olive. A motion sensor
triggers the camera to pan back and forth and flash the red LED
light. The image feeds to a nearby security monitor.
Click here to read the letter sent to the Dept. of Homeland Security
offering Surveillance Sandwich technology to the US military.

50/50/50: Jennifer Khoshbin’s Music Books


Jennifer Khoshbin’s Music Books are extraordinary. Visit her website to hear samples of the music and view her other work! Jennifer has been featured in numerous shows and publications. She will be representing Texas in the 50/50/50 show, which I have rescheduled for September 12, 2009 – January 1, 2010. How exciting!

New Dates, some Changes?

As I’m in the midst of the renovations and thinking about the exhibitions for this year, I’ve had second thoughts about the length that I’ve scheduled each show. As it is now, I have Personality planned for end of May through October, and the 50/50/50 show for October-March 2010, but I am thinking that is way too long. I may revise it to have the Personality show run from the end of May through September and the 50/50/50 show from September to January 2010. Since the 50 show will be such a huge undertaking, and since Wisconsin is generally a lot busier during the nicer weather months, I think more people would come out to see the 50 show if started in September. If anybody has any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment here or e-mail me. I don’t think it would be a huge issue to switch it now, while things are still in the planning stages.

50/50/50 Artist: Dalia Haber

Dalia Haber’s Structures


Red, 83″ x 56″ x 5″, Welded Steel, Enamel Paint, Canvas, Vinyl, Terry Cloth, Elastic, Thread

red-detailRed detail

Dalia will be representing New York and the Mixed Media category for the 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Medium exhibition in October.  We are still accepting submissions, click here for guidelines.

“As a child, my family worked in the garment district in Buenos Aires. Growing up among fabric and the making of clothing greatly influenced my work. In my work, I create metal structures that are part organic and part geometric with fabrics and vinyls sewn onto the metal. The combination of these materials and forms synthesizes the organic with the man made. I like the tension between these two concepts as well as their power to co-exist.”

Click here to view Dalia’s great website

Adam Koenig

Adam Koenig is a photographer who I’ve also had a printmaking class with. He creates great photos. This series has a mysterious quality about it, but it still makes sense in a sort of lonely way. At least that’s how I read it. It reminds me of being alone, maybe lost,  feeling abandoned. I love work that is open to interpretation, which this is.

Adam will be in our grand opening exhibition, Personality.

For more of Adam’s work, visit his blog.

On a down note, we might possibly be opening a little later than the projected date of June 2009. Brandon, my fiance who is doing most of the renovations for the gallery, got in a car accident last Saturday night and has injuries that will cause him to be out of commission for at least 3-4 months. We will see how it goes, but we are still going to try as hard as we can to have the gallery open by June. Any concerns please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!

Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh: Lawnmower

I am very excited to announce that Jennifer Marsh will be representing Alabama and Community-Based Medium for the 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums exhibition!

Jennifer is the founder of the International Fiber Collective, an organization that creates community-based, large-scale fiber projects. You may have heard of her Gas Station Wrapping project, which received a lot of press–including a feature in FiberArts Magazine.

Jennifer’s current project is Interdependence. Participants will create a full-sized tree for display in April 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama. The concept is, “much like a live tree is interdependent on its leaves and roots for survival, societies are interdependent on the greater whole, family units, communities, and countries.”

Participants from around the world are invited to create leaves to contribute to the creation of the tree. In total, up to 30,000 leaves may be used. For more information on how to participate, click here. This is open to all age groups and levels of artistic ability.

Jennifer’s next, highly ambitious project after the tree is wrapping a NASA rocket! But she needs help raising the money to rent the expensive crane required to install the artwork. Click here to see how you can help and become involved. She needs your help!

We are also planning a solo show for Jennifer’s sculpture in the future–stay tuned!

Stephen Day Design

‘Found Object’ sconce
[Radiology film / Walnut / fluorescent lamps]

I’m in love with Stephen Day’s lighting design–and he will be representing California for the 50/50/50 show

I am still accepting submissions for the show, and am looking for unique mediums especially. The following states and mediums are already taken:
Lighting Design, Mixed Media, Pastel, Ceramics, Paper, Silkscreen

Click here for more info on how to submit your work or e-mail me.

Matt Shlian

paper, motor, string 24in x 15in x 13ft
2006 see the video

paper 15 x 15 (closed) 2004

Inhale Exhale Flip Book
cut paper 2 x 7 .5 inches 2005 see the video

I love Matt Shillian's paper work. Make sure to visit his great website
and also his blog.

He will be representing Michigan for the 50/50/50 Show,
and will also be involved with an upcoming paper-medium show!