Salon 100
November – December 2010

Contemporary artwork all priced at $100 in an effort to support working artists and provide buyers with interesting, yet affordable art.


The Milkweed Project & Other Flawless Fibers
January-February 2011
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The Dream Rocket
October 2010

Andrew Linskens: Abstract Intuitive Tessellation Illustrations
July-September 2010

Hungry? Food and Art
April – June 2010

Artwork relating food to contemporary concepts and issues including hunger, starvation, politics, distribution, comfort, consumerism, and more. Featuring a diverse group of artists that use food as their primary subject in very different ways, including textile artist Mindy Sue Meyers and mail artist Lorraine Kwan.


Ethereal Views: Environments in Contemporary Art
January – March 2010

Artists working in defining ethereal environments. Artwork will be characterized by one or more qualities of lightness, insubstantiality, intangibility, delicateness, of the celestial spheres, heavenly, not of this world, or spiritual while reflecting some kind of real or invented environment.

Artists include Kate Merritt Davis (painting) and Kiera L. Faber. (film)

50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums

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Personality: Real & Imagined

Featuring the work of Sher Christopher, Justin Madson, Liz Gresey, Adam Koenig, and Molly Keyser.
Show runs through September 12, 2009

5 artists explore personality in relation to their work.

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